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Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine

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Elsevier Wydawnictwo

2016, wyd.9

  • Oprawa: miękka foliowana, 1456 str.,
  • Wymiary: 276 x 219 mm,
  • Waga: 3.09 kg.
  • ISBN: 9780702066016
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The ninth edition of this best-selling textbook of clinical medicine builds even further on its formidable, prize-winning formula of excellence, comprehensiveness and accessibility.

This book is stunning in its breadth and ease-of-use. It still remains the gold standard, thorough guide to clinical medicine its forefathers were. BMA Medical Book Awards judges.

New to this edition::

2 new chapters:: Global Health and Womens Health.

25 new authors.

New online editor, Adam Feather, with a team of young doctors to augment the e-book which accompanies the print book with clinical tips, key learning points, drug tips, learning challenges, case studies and MCQs.

Full text redesign to incorporate::

New system overview diagrams for clinical chapters.

New coloured headings to help identify content relating to disease, management, investigations etc.

New icons to aid text navigation.

11 new members and a new co-editor, Senaka Rajapakse, of the International Advisory Board.

  • Section 1 Good medical practice

    1. Ethics, law and communication

    2. Clinical pharmacology

    3. Palliative medicine and symptom control

    4. Global health

    5. Environmental medicine

    6. Poisoning

    Section 2 Clinical sciences

    7. Molecular cell biology and human genetics

    8. The immune system and disease

    9. Water, electrolytes and acid-base balance

    10. Nutrition

    Section 3 Clinical practice

    11. Infectious disease

    12. Sexually transmitted infections and HIV

    13. Gastrointestinal disease

    14. Liver disease

    15. Biliary tract and pancreatic disease

    16. Haematological disease

    17. Malignant disease

    18. Rheumatic disease

    19. Bone disease

    20. Kidney and urinary tract disease

    21. Neurological disease

    22. Psychological medicine

    23. Cardiovascular disease

    24. Respiratory disease

    25. Critical care medicine

    26. Endocrine disease

    27. Diabetes mellitus

    28. Lipid and metabolic disorders

    29. Womens health

    30. Ear, nose and throat and eye disease

    31. Skin disease

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