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Lippincott Williams & Wilkins' Comprehensive Dental Assisting


  • Oprawa: twarda, 1008 str.,
  • Wymiary: 212.73 x 276.23 mm,
  • Waga: 2.2 kg.
  • ISBN: 9781582558158
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Dental assistants have to work as part of a team every day to provide patients with the best possible care and ensure that the dental office runs smoothly. As an instructor, you prepare students to have the skills and abilities they will need to be a successful part of this dental team. As a publisher, we play a role on this team as well, by providing the tools and materials you need to educate new dental assistants. We have actively listened to dental assistants, faculty, and students discuss their textbook needs, and have created a better dental assisting textbook, one that brings the voice of the dental assistant and dental team to the resources used in your classroom. And so, we’re excited to introduce you to Lippincott Williams & Wilkins’ Comprehensive Dental Assisting , an exciting first edition textbook written in the voice of dental assistants—your voice. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Comprehensive Dental Assisting is an exciting, first-edition textbook based on our collaboration with professionals and educators in the dental assisting field to address the challenges you face as an instructor. This engaging, comprehensive title delivers all of the coverage you and your students need, information on accreditation and certification, and all the tools students need to prepare for a successful career in dental assisting. The text’s reader-friendly and engaging style, dynamic colorful design, and comprehensive electronic media help to maintain students interest, while improving their retention of essential information. Unique features emphasize critical thinking and help students apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world challenges in their careers.
  • Meet the Editorial Advisory Board Reviewers Publisher’s Preface Preface to the Student and Instructor Acknowledgments Procedures How to Use This Textbook Part I:: INTRODUCTION TO DENTAL ASSISTING 1:: The Dental Assisting Profession 2:: Professionalism 3:: The Dental Office Team 4:: Ethics and Law Part II:: DENTAL SCIENCES 5:: General Anatomy and Physiology 6:: Head and Neck Anatomy 7:: Oral Embryology and Histology 8:: Dentition and Tooth Morphology Part III:: ORAL HEALTH PRESERVATION AND THE PREVENTION OF DENTAL DISEASE 9:: Dental Caries and Periodontal Disease 10:: Prevention of Caries and Periodontal Disease 11:: Nutrition 12:: Oral Pathology Part IV:: BASIC SKILLS 13:: Understanding Microbiology 14:: Disease and Infection Control 15:: Safety Regulations 16:: Pharmacology 17:: Vital Signs 18:: Responding to Medical Emergencies 19:: Ergonomics Part V:: WORKING WITH PATIENTS 20:: Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Planning 21:: The Patient Record 22:: Patients with Special Needs 23:: Communication Part VI:: ASSISTING IN BASIC PROCEDURES 24:: The Dental Office 25:: Preparing for Dental Care 26:: Dental Instruments and Equipment 27:: Moisture Control and Isolation 28:: Anesthesia and Pain Control Part VII:: DENTAL RADIOGRAPHY 29:: Basics of Dental Radiography 30:: Producing Intraoral Dental Radiographs 31:: Extraoral Radiographs and Other Imaging Systems 32:: Film Processing, Mounting and Evaluation Part VIII:: DENTAL MATERIALS 33:: Dental Cements, Liners, Bases, and Bonding Agents 34:: Dental Materials 35:: Laboratory Materials and Techniques Part IX:: ASSISTING IN DENTAL PROCEDURES 36:: Assisting in Restorations 37:: Expanded Clinical Functions 38:: Fixed Prosthodontics 39:: Removable Prosthodontics 40:: Endodontics 41:: Periodontics 42:: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 43:: Pediatric Dentistry 44:: Coronal Polishing 45:: Orthodontics 46:: Cosmetic Dentistry Part X:: DENTAL PRACTICE 47:: Office Management 48:: Employment and Career Issues Appendix:: Professional Organizations and Resources References and Resources Answers to Review Questions Glossary Index
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