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Canine Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy


Saunders Wydawnictwo

2013, wyd.2

  • Oprawa: twarda, 784 str.,
  • Wymiary: 222 x 281 mm,
  • Waga: 2.19 kg.
  • ISBN: 9781437703092
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The only book to cover physical therapy for dogs, Canine Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy, 2nd Edition provides an understanding of physical therapy techniques and intervention for dogs suffering from debilitating conditions. The book includes four new chapters, hundreds of illustrations that highlight key concepts and procedures, and case studies and specific therapies that can be used as guidelines for the management of clinical patients. Author Darryl Millis offers the perspective of a veterinarian skilled in orthopedics and orthopedic surgery, and co-author David Levine is a respected physical therapist with experience working with both dogs and human patients. By applying the principles of physical therapy described in this unique book, and by viewing therapy and exercise videos on a companion website, you can help dogs achieve a faster and more complete recovery.

Overall, this book is an extensive text for anyone interested in pursuing canine rehabilitation and physical therapy Reviewed by:: Helen Davies, University of Melbourne on behalf of Australian Veterinary Journal, March 2015

  • Section I:: Introduction to Physical Rehabilitation

    1. History of Canine Physical Rehabilitation
    2. Regulatory and Practice Issues for the Veterinary and Physical Therapy Professions
    3. Conceptual Overview of Physical Therapy, Veterinary Medicine, and Canine Rehabilitation
    4. Section II:: Basic Science of Veterinary Rehabilitation

    5. Canine Behavior
    6. Canine Anatomy
    7. Tissue Healing:: Tendons, Ligaments, Bone, Muscles, and Cartilage
    8. Responses of Musculoskeletal Tissues to Disuse and Remobilization
    9. Exercise Physiology
    10. Exercise Physiology of the Canine Athlete - NEW!
    11. Section III:: Patient Assessment and Management

    12. Orthopedic and Neurologic Examination
    13. Canine Locomotion Analysis
    14. The Physical Rehabilitation Evaluation - NEW!
    15. Assessing and Measuring Outcomes
    16. Rehabilitating the Painful Patient:: Pain Management in Physical Rehabilitation - NEW!
    17. The Role of Chondroprotectants, Nutraceuticals, and Nutrition in Rehabilitation Nursing Care of the Rehabilitation Patient - NEW!
    18. Nursing Care of the Rehabilitation Patient - NEW!
    19. Devices for Ambulation Assistance in Companion Animals - NEW!
    20. Section IV:: Therapeutic Modalities

    21. Superficial Thermal Modalities
    22. Therapeutic Ultrasound
    23. Electrical Stimulation - NEW!
    24. Therapeutic Lasers in Canine Rehabilitation - NEW!
    25. Applications of Extracorporeal Shock Wave in Small Animal Practice - NEW!
    26. Other Modalities in Veterinary Rehabilitation - NEW!
    27. Section V:: Therapeutic Exercise and Manual Therapy

    28. Biomechanics of Physical Rehabilitation and Kinematics of Exercise - NEW!
    29. Range-of-Motion and Stretching Exercises
    30. Joint Mobilization - NEW!
    31. Massage
    32. Exercises for Proprioception, Balance, and Joint Position Awareness
    33. Therapeutic Exercises:: Early Limb Use Exercises
    34. Therapeutic Exercises:: Joint Motion, Strengthening, Endurance and Speed Exercises
    35. Aquatic Therapy
    36. Section VI:: Physical Therapy for Specific Diagnoses

    37. Common Orthopedic Conditions and Their Physical Rehabilitation
    38. Common Conditions and Physical Rehabilitation of the Athletic Patient - NEW!
    39. Neurologic Conditions and Physical Rehabilitation of the Neurologic Patient
    40. Physical Rehabilitation for Geriatric and Arthritic Patients
    41. Physical Therapy for Wound Care - NEW!
    42. Physical Rehabilitation for the Critically Injured Veterinary Patient
    43. Development of a Rehabilitation Facility for Small Animals and Business Considerations

    Appendix 1:: Protocol Development and Protocols

    Appendix 2:: Manufacturers of Supplies and Equipment - NEW!



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