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Emergency Medicine MCQs


  • Oprawa: miękka foliowana, 440 str.,
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  • ISBN: 9780729541046
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Emergency Medicine is becoming a highly valuable and popular branch of medicine in Australasia and many parts of the world. Australasian emergency medicine is recognised as one of the best practised in the world.

Multiple Choice Questions form an essential part of many formal assessment processes, however, it is notoriously difficult to study for. MCQs may come in various formats. Whatever the format they are in, they can cover essential knowledge required to practise emergency medicine that cannot be covered in other formal assessment processes. They are valuable to clinical practice, regardless of their use in assessment, as MCQs could target clinically and practically relevant evidence-based information.

Emergency Medicine MCQs contains over 700 single answer MCQs covering both adult and paediatric emergency medicine categorised into 24 chapters. The associated iPhone app contains another 180 MCQs divided into 3 test papers of 60 questions. Each question is associated with a detailed answer describing essential evidence-based knowledge in an easily understandable format. These answers are well referenced to Australasian and well known international textbooks, peer reviewed emergency medicine and other journals and highly regarded web resources. The contributors to the book are 13 emergency physicians and a consultant psychiatrist.

This book and the associated iPhone app are aimed at doctors practising emergency medicine, in particular residents and registrars, generalists and hospital practitioners. Emergency registrars in formal training can use these publications to improve essential knowledge, identify gaps in their knowledge, practise MCQs as well as to improve critical thinking skills. Emergency physicians will find these publications valuable as a tool in continuing medical education.

This is a really great study aid and I really enjoyed going through it for this review. Im sure that astute users may find that some references should be included however, with publications such as these Im sure that authors considered many more references than what is included in the end  product simply due to space.  In addition this is not a textbook but a study aid, and particularly one aimed at multiple choice questions.  So some omissions will not come as a surprise although I could not see that this detracts from the overall quality of the book in any way. Reviewed by:: African Journal of Emergency Medicine / Date:: Sept 14

    1. Resuscitation
    2. Cardiovascular emergencies
    3. Respiratory emergencies
    4. Neurological emergencies
    5. Endocrine emergencies
    6. Gastrointestinal emergencies
    7. Renal emergencies
    8. Oncological and haematological emergencies
    9. Infectious diseases in ED
    10. Immunological and dermatological emergencies
    11. Electrolyte and acid base balance
    12. Anaesthesia in ED
    13. Trauma and burns
    14. Orthopedics in ED
    15. Surgical emergencies
    16. Dental, ENT and ophthalmological emergencies
    17. Urological emergencies
    18. Obstetric and gynaecology emergencies
    19. Toxicology and toxinology
    20. Environmental emergencies
    21. Psychiatric emergencies
    22. Paediatrics
    23. Disaster management
    24. Management and medicolegal issues in ED
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