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Fundamentals of Anaesthesia 4e

Bestseller Bestseller Promocja Promocja


Cambridge University Press Wydawnictwo

United Kingdom 2016, wyd.4

  • Oprawa: miękka foliowana, 983 str.,
  • Wymiary: 189 x 246 mm,
  • Waga: 2.13 kg.
  • ISBN: 9781107612389
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Fundamentals of Anaesthesia is the gold standard text for the Primary FRCA, encapsulating the basic principles of modern anaesthesia in one easily accessible volume. Written and edited by experts with extensive FRCA examination experience, this text deliberately blends the expertise of invited authors in an unrivalled consistency of style more akin to that of a single author text. All of the subject matter required to pass the exam is condensed into an easy-to-read format. This fully updated fourth edition includes new guidelines, an improved chapter structure, and a new section on clinical ultrasound. The generous use of summary boxes, bullet points, tables and diagrams creates a text that is clear, concise and easy to navigate. Each section covers one of the four components of the SOE. This is a unique revision aid for the Primary FRCA and an essential companion for all exam candidates.

  • Fourth edition has been updated to reflect changes in FRCA curriculum and advances in practice
  • Written with needs of trainee anaesthetists in mind and so it is focused on key areas to complement both their clinical work and preparation for exams
  • Diagrams are deliberately simple to allow easy reproduction during an oral examination or in the operating theatre
    1. Preoperative management
    2. Conduct of anaesthesia
    3. Intraoperative management
    4. Postoperative management
    5. Special patient circumstances
    6. The surgical insult
    7. Regional anaesthesia
    8. Principles of resuscitation
    9. Major trauma
    10. Cellular physiology
    11. Body fluids
    12. Haematology and immunology
    13. Muscle physiology
    14. Cardiac physiology
    15. Physiology of the circulation
    16. Renal physiology
    17. Respiratory physiology
    18. Physiology of the nervous system
    19. Physiology of pain
    20. Gastrointestinal physiology
    21. Metabolism and temperature regulation
    22. Endocrine physiology
    23. Physiology of pregnancy
    24. Fetal and newborn physiology
    25. Physical chemistry
    26. Pharmacodynamics
    27. Pharmacokinetics
    28. Mechanisms of drug actions
    29. Anaesthetic gases and vapours
    30. Hypnotics and IV anaesthetic drugs
    31. Analgesic drugs
    32. Neuromuscular blocking agents
    33. Local anaesthetic agents
    34. CNS pharmacology
    35. ANS pharmacology
    36. Cardiovascular pharmacology
    37. Respiratory pharmacology
    38. Endocrine pharmacology
    39. Gastrointestinal pharmacology
    40. Intravenous fluids
    41. Pharmacology of haemostasis
    42. Antimicrobial therapy
    43. Clinical trials and basic statistics
    44. Applied physics
    45. Clinical measurement
    46. Anaesthetic equipment
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