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Altchek's Diagnosis and Management of Ovarian Disorders


  • Oprawa: twarda, 480 str.,
  • Wymiary: 222.00 x 282.00 mm,
  • Waga: 1.93 kg.
  • ISBN: 9781107012813
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Disorders of the ovary can lead to a wide range of endocrinologic and malignant conditions, many of which are linked with fertility. This comprehensive, yet succinct book presents a multidisciplinary approach to address the major issues in diagnosing and managing ovarian disorders. Beginning with the complex functioning of the normal ovary, the editors address many of the major issues in womens health. New chapters on ovarian cysts, menopause, the aging ovary, early detection and risk assessment of ovarian cancer, screening, stage I ovarian cancer and many other topics have been added to this third edition. Assisted reproductive techniques, diagnostic imaging modalities, minimally invasive surgery, and chemotherapy have advanced dramatically and the chapters have been updated accordingly. This well-documented volume has been fully updated with contemporary references and chapters written by current leaders in their field. A must-read for gynecologists, oncologists, obstetricians, pathologists and researchers in human reproductive sciences.
  • Preface; 1. Normal human ovary part I:: reproductive and endocrine functions Nathan G. Kase; 2. Normal human ovary part II:: how steroid hormones work Nathan G. Kase; 3. Gonadal dysgenesis:: ovarian function and reproductive health in Turner syndrome Paul Saenger and David Rodriguez-Buritica; 4. Pathology of benign and malignant ovarian epithelial tumors Liane Deligdisch; 5. Ovarian tumors of borderline malignancy Peter Schlosshauer; 6. Precursors of ovarian epithelial carcinoma Liane Deligdisch; 7. Peritoneal serous and tubal cancer Anna Laury, Eric C. Huang, Christopher P. Crum and Jonathan Hecht; 8. Pathology of ovarian germ cell tumors Liane Deligdisch; 9. Metastatic ovarian tumors Angelica Mares and Liane Deligdisch; 10. Genetic etiology of sporadic ovarian cancer Ellen L. Goode, Mine S. Cicek, Catherine M. Phelan and Brooke L. Fridley; 11. Polycystic ovary syndrome Nathan G. Kase; 12. Endometriosis of the ovary Luciano G. Nardo, Ioannis Gryparis and Sree Durga Patchava; 13. New advances and new horizons in assisted reproduction Yuval Bdolah and Neri Laufer; 14. Endometriosis and ovarian cancer Douglas N. Brown, Tanja Pejovic and Farr R. Nezhat; 15. Laparoscopic surgery of the benign ovary and new laparoscopic developments Michel Canis, M. Gage, R. Botchorishvili and Antoine Maurice Bruhat; 16. Ultrasound, MRI, CT, and PET imaging of ovarian cancer William L. Simpson, Jr and Lale Kostakoglu; 17. Ovarian cysts and tumors of the fetus, child, adolescent, and young adult Albert Altchek and Liane Deligdisch; 18. Should the ovaries be removed during a hysterectomy? Michael S. Broder and Wendy C. Hsiao; 19. The aging ovary Norbert Gleicher and David H. Barad; 20. Menopause Nathan G. Kase; 21. Clues to ovarian tumors:: new concepts of symptoms, signs, syndromes, and paraneoplastic syndromes Albert Altchek and David Fishman; 22. When is ovarian carcinoma discovered in stage I? Liane Deligdisch and Albert Altchek; 23. Early detection of ovarian cancer Christina E. Curtin, Pierre S. Gordon and David Fishman; 24. Laparoscopic evaluation and management of adnexal masses and ovarian cancer Farr R. Nezhat, Jason Sternchos, Tamara Finger and Tanja Pejovic; 25. Ovarian cancer:: the initial laparotomy Jamal Rahaman, Valentin Kolev and Carmel J. Cohen; 26. Chemotherapy of ovarian cancer Ramez N. Eskander and Philip J. Di Saia; 27. Intraperitoneal chemotherapy Maurie Markman; 28. Malignant germ cell tumors and sex cord stromal tumors in adults and children Jubilee Brown and David M. Gershenson; 29. Palliative care Katharine Batt and Cardinale B. Smith; Index.
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