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Carotid and Supra-Aortic Trunk Disorders


Eurospan Wydawnictwo

2019, wyd.2

  • Oprawa: twarda, 180 str.,
  • Wymiary: 178.00 x 254.00 mm,
  • Waga: 0 kg.
  • ISBN: 9781607952909
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Carotid and Supra-Aortic Trunk Disorders will be a valuable addition to any vascular surgeon’s reference library. Covered in this book is an overview of some of the more controversial topics of extra-cranial carotid disease such as the cognitive impact of carotid disease, management in the elderly population, impact of a contralateral occlusion, timing of intervention after an acute stroke, management of asymptomatic restenosis, and use of shunts. Arranged in five sections and 17 chapters – extracranial carotid disease, extracranial carotid interventions, external beam radiation and restenosis, complex carotid and subclavian artery disease, and a historical reflection on the field by Dr. James S. T. Yao – readers will find technical tips on treating subclavian artery aneurysms and carotid body tumors, performing extraanatomic supra-aortic trunk bypass, and a review of the durability and use of embolic protection devices. The annual symposium on vascular surgery, sponsored by the Division of Vascular Surgery at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, addresses contemporary topics and controversies in vascular and endovascular surgery. The symposium brings together leading surgeons to address timely topics and controversies in vascular and endovascular surgery. Presentations at the symposium cover the full spectrum of vascular surgery, including changes in management of extracranial cerebrovascular disease, new treatment options for lower extremity arterial occlusive disease, hemodialysis access, improvements in techniques for complex venous disease, and developments in aortic stent graft repair in the chest and abdomen. The Modern Trends in Vascular Surgery series is a topical compilation of the standout presentations from the most recent three symposia.
  • Preface Contributors Section 1. Nor thwestern Vascular Surgery Annual Symposium 1. 40th Anniversar y of the Northwestern Vascular Symposium—A Reflection, James S.T. Yao, MD, PhD 2. 30 Years of Excellence, Mark K. Eskandari, MD Section 2. Medical Aspects of Extracranial Carotid Disease 3. Prevalence of Carotid Stenosis Varies by Race, Aleksandra Policha, MD and Caron B. Rockman, MD 4. Cognitive Effects of Asymptomatic Extra-Cranial Carotid Stenosis, Brittanie D. Baughman, MS, MBA and Wei Zhou, MD 5. Variation in Carotid Criteria for Carotid Endar terectomy, Edward J. Arous, MD and Andres Schanzer, MD 6. Recommendations for Carotid Treatment among the Elderly, Kristine C. Orion, MD and Bruce A. Perler, MD, MBA Section 3. Extra-Cranial Carotid Interventions 7. Durability of Carotid Endar terectomy and Carotid Stent Angioplasty An Analysis of the Crest-I Long-Term Results, Wesley S. Moore, MD 8. The Use of Shunts for Carotid Endarterectomy, Kyla M. Bennet t, MD and Cynthia K. Shortell, MD 9. Carotid Revascularization with Contralateral Carotid Occlusion, Leila Mureebe, MD, MPH and Cynthia K. Shortell, MD 10. Timing of Carotid Interventions after Acute Stroke, John Tagger t, MD and R. Clement Darling III, MD 11 . Spontaneous Recanalization of Occluded Extracranial Internal Carotid Lesions, Pedram Golnari, MD; Mat thew B. Potts, MD; Michael C. Hurley, MD; Ali Shaibani, MD; Sameer A . Ansari, MD, PhD; and Babak S. Jahromi, MD, PhD Section 4. External Beam Radiation And Restenosis 12. Outcomes of Interventions for Carotid Stenosis Secondary to Radiation- Induced Stenosis and Restenosis After Carotid Endarterectomy, Reid A. Ravin, MD; Daniel Han, MD; and Peter L . Faries, MD 13. Asymptomatic Carotid in-Stent Restenosis Repeat Intervention or Observation?, Jonathan Braun, MD and Jayer Chung, MD, MSc Section 5. Complex Carotid And Subclavian Artery Disease 14. Intrathoracic Subclavian Artery Aneurysm Repair, Nicholas D. Andersen, MD and G. Chad Hughes, MD 15. Carotid Body Tumors, Victor J. Davila, MD and Samuel R. Money, MD, MBA 16. Extra-Anatomic Supra-Aortic Trunk Bypass via Partial Stenotomy, Nimesh D. Desai, MD, PhD 17. Embolic Protection Devices for TEVAR and TAVR, Marissa Famularo, DO and Francis J. Caputo, MD Index
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