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Video Atlas of Spine Surgery

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Georg Thieme Wydawnictwo

2020, wyd.1

  • Oprawa: twarda, 248 str.,
  • Wymiary: 177.80 x 254.00 mm,
  • Waga: 0 kg.
  • ISBN: 9781684200054
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A high-yield and comprehensive text-and-video resource for managing commonly encountered spinal conditions Spine surgery has experienced several paradigm shifts during the past few decades, with highly complex techniques introduced at an astoundingly rapid pace. In order for new generations of spine surgeons to stay current and thrive in this innovative era of spine surgery, access to diverse multimedia learning tools is imperative. Video Atlas of Spine Surgery by renowned spine surgeon and educator Howard An and Rush University Medical Center colleagues Philip Louie, Bryce Basques, and Gregory Lopez, is a cutting-edge resource for non-operative and operative management of a diverse spectrum of cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine conditions. Consisting of 19 chapters, the text is streamlined to facilitate learning the most important steps for each procedure. The book begins with discussion of physical exam maneuvers used to accurately diagnose specific spinal pathologies. Subsequent chapters detail extensive spine surgery techniques for managing degenerative cervical and lumbar conditions. The remaining chapters cover spinal cord, cervical, and thoracolumbar injuries; idiopathic, degenerative, and early-onset scoliosis; kyphosis; spondylolisthesis; spinal infections and inflammatory disorders; and thoracic disc disorders. Key Features Concise, bulleted text and consistent chapter outlines feature epidemiology and prevalence, pathogenesis, clinical presentation, image findings, classification, conservative and surgical management, techniques, postoperative care, and more A myriad of meticulous diagrams and illustrations, spinal imaging and photographs, and 50 high-quality spine surgery videos maximize learning Technical pearls, case examples, and board-style orthopaedic surgery questions at the end of each section optimize comprehension and retention of information This remarkable resource is a must-have for orthopaedic and neurosurgery residents and fellows, as well as practicing spine surgeons. This book includes complimentary access to a digital copy on https:://medone.thieme.com.
  • 1. Physical Examination 2. Positioning for Cervical and Lumbar Spine Procedures 3. Cervical Radiculopathy 4. Cervical Myelopathy 5. Intervertebral Disc:: Form, Biomechanics, Biology, and Pathology 6. Herniated Nucleus Pulposus, Degenerative Disc Disease 7. Degenerative Lumbar Disorders:: Lumbar Spinal Stenosis 8. Degenerative Spondylolisthesis 9. Spinal Cord Injuries 10. Cervical Spine Injuries 11. Thoracolumbar Spine Injuries 12. Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis 13. Adult and Degenerative scoliosis 14. Kyphosis and Sagittal Plane Deformities of the Thoracolumbar Spine 15. Isthmic Spondylolisthesis 16. Spinal Infections 17. Inflammatory Spinal Disorders 18. Management of Early Onset Scoliosis 19. Thoracic Disc Disorders
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