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Back in the Game

Why Concussion Doesn't Have to End Your Athletic Career


OUP USA Wydawnictwo

2016, wyd.1

  • Oprawa: twarda, 272 str.,
  • Wymiary: 140 x 210 mm,
  • Waga: 0.41 kg.
  • ISBN: 9780190226602
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The word concussion used to be unheard of in youth sports a decade ago. The brain injury was indeed occurring, but coaches and parents were encouraging their youth athletes to shake it off after getting their bell rung. Science and increased awareness about concussion are transforming the way youth parents, coaches, and players pursue athletics. Fear of incurring concussions, as well as incorrect information, is leading some parents to keep their children out of contact sports,such as football and soccer, where concussion is more prevalent.Back in the Game:: Why Concussion Doesnt Have to End Your Athletic Career does not dwell on perpetuating fears, but rather, provides the most up-to-date understanding of the condition. This text includes a real-world discussion of what science and medicine knows, what parents and coaches need to understand about concussions, evaluation and treatment, and possible post-concussive issues, like depression. At the heart of this book, the authors delve into these issues, explaining them in a clearand understandable way.The expertise and experiences of noted sports neurologist Jeffrey Kutcher, MD, along with reporting and interviews by award-winning sports journalist Joanne C. Gerstner, makes this book a timely, relevant, and real discussion about concussions in youth sports. Athletes and professional coaches who have participated in the formation of this book include two-time Olympic gold medalist soccer player Kate Markgraf, former NHL/Team Canada head coach Andy Murray, champion X-Games snowboarder ElleryHollingsworth, along with an array of youth parents, coaches, and athletes from across the country.
  • Table of Contents; Foreword; Introduction; Chapter 1:: Sports concussion myths and fears; Chapter 2:: Athletes, concussions, and the playing field; Chapter 3:: So you think you might have a concussion…; Chapter 4:: Life after a concussion diagnosis; Chapter 5:: Post-concussion syndromes and second-impact; Chapter 6:: Concussion = Depression = Suicide?; Chapter 7:: Advice for athletes:: what you can do for yourself; Chapter 8:: Advice parents and coaches:: helping youth athletes; Chapter 9:: Changing our games, making play safer; Chapter 10:: Controlling the messaging of concussion; Questions and Answers; Terms to Know; Acknowledgements;
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