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Sacroiliac Joint Pain

A Comprehensive Guide to Interventional and Surgical Procedures

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OUP USA Wydawnictwo

2022, wyd.1

  • Oprawa: miękka foliowana, 280 str.,
  • Wymiary: 178 x 254 mm,
  • Waga: 0 kg.
  • ISBN: 9780197607947
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655,20 zł
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Published: 06 January 2022 (Estimated)
Sacroiliac joint pain is one of the most common painful conditions, as disorders of this joint are often the cause or a contributing factor to back pain. Treatment of sacroiliac joint pain has advanced significantly in the last decade, ranging from minor interventions to major surgical interventions. Written for pain physicians, neurologists, neurosurgeons, and orthopedic surgeons at all levels of training and practice, this book highlights new and innovative approaches tosacroiliac disease so clinicians may incorporate current techniques into practice. The international roster of authors present up to date information on interventional and surgical pain procedures including peripheral nerve stimulation, surgical fusion, and regenerative techniques. In addition to providingwell-illustrated, step-by-step guidance on procedural technique, chapters review patient selection, instrumentation, complications management, and outcomes.
  • Preface; Contributors List; Part I:: Sacroiliac joint; Chapter 1:: Anatomy of the sacroiliac joint; Mark N. Malinowski, Anshuman Raj Swain, and Chong H. Kim; Chapter 2:: Sacroiliac joint conditions; A. Raj Swain, Chong H. Kim, and Mark N. Malinowski; Chapter 3:: Diagnostic evaluation of sacroiliac disease; Nicholas C. Canzanello and Jonathan M. Hagedorn; Chapter 4:: Disability associated with sacroiliac joint diseases; Lisa Ramirez Kroopf, Kemly Philip, Michelle Nguyen Dang, and Samara Shipon; Chapter 5:: Types of anesthesia for different sacroiliac joint interventions; Behnum A. Habibi, Mark N. Malinowski, and Chong H. Kim; Part II:: Sacroiliac joint interventions; Chapter 6:: Intraarticular injections (ultrasound-guided and fluoroscopic-guided approaches); Luay Mrad, Akshat Gargya, and Rany T. Abdallah; Chapter 7:: Lateral branch blocks; Benjamin K. Homra, Yashar Eshraghi, and Maged Guirguis; Chapter 8:: Radiofrequency ablation of the sacroiliac joint; Haider M. Ali, Yashar Eshraghi, and Maged Guirguis; Part III:: Role of regenerative medicine; Chapter 9:: Regenerative medicine therapies for sacroiliac joint disease; Natalie H. Strand, Jillian Maloney, and Christine L. Hunt; Chapter 10:: Imaging techniques for sacroiliac joint injections; Jacqueline Weisbein; Part IV:: Peripheral nerve stimulation for the sacroiliac joint; Chapter 11:: Patient selection and instruments used for peripheral nerve stimulation of the sacroiliac joint; Jessica Jameson; Chapter 12:: Preoperative considerations for peripheral nerve stimulation of the sacroiliac joint; Ajay B. Antony; Chapter 13:: Peripheral nerve stimulation trial and implantation; Kris Ferguson and Alaa Abd-Elsayed; Chapter 14:: Outcome measures and outcomes of peripheral nerve stimulation of the sacroiliac joint; Hunter Hoopes and Mayank Gupta; Chapter 15:: Complications of peripheral nerve stimulation for sacroiliac pain; Meghan Cantlon Hughes and Alaa Abd-Elsayed; Part V:: Surgical fusion for the sacroiliac joint; Chapter 16:: Patient selection; Sarafina Kankam, Gregory Lawson Smith, and Johnathan Goree; Chapter 17:: Surgical instrumentation; Nomen Azeem; Chapter 18:: Preoperative considerations; Kenneth Fiala, Joshua Martens, and Alaa Abd-Elsayed; Chapter 19:: Lateral fusion; Gustaf Van Acker, Jonathon Belding, and Chong H. Kim; Chapter 20:: Posterior fusion; Cory Ullger, Mogana V. Jayakumar, and Navdeep Jassal; Chapter 21:: Postoperative care; Usman Latif, Tyler Concannon, and Andrew Frazier; Chapter 22:: Complications and their management; Hemant Kalia; Chapter 23:: What if fusion fails?; Hemant Kalia; Index;
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