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Understanding Assessment in Medical Education through Quality Assurance

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  • ISBN: 9781260469653
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A groundbreaking guide to ensuring quality assurance in the movement toward competency-based medical education

Understanding Assessment in Medical Education through Quality Assurance compiles and shares best practices from leading programs from around the globe. Authoritative approaches and processes that have been tested and refined show how to implement quality assurance of written and performance-based assessments in medical education while maintaining regulatory standards. Leading figures in the medical world on this issue, the authors provide specific suggestions and showcase how their methods can be implemented with representative case studies. Medical educators and their students will benefit from this suite of evidence-based QA processes that they can immediately put into action for monitoring and ensuring continuous quality improvement.

Understanding Assessment in Medical Education through Quality Assurance::

  • Addresses a key gap in the literature by offering an international confluence of best practices in relation to quality assurance of assessment, both within academic institutions and at national and international accreditation levels
  • Provides insight into international best practice through illuminating case studies
  • Addresses performance-based, workplace-based, and programmatic assessment
  • Outlines the role of technology in the quality assurance of assessment processes
  • Explores ethical considerations and health and safety issues that impact standardization of QA processes

  • Chapter 1:: Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes
    Orientation to the Chapter
    Rationale for Quality Assurance
    Principles of Quality Assurance
    Approaches to Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance Mechanisms
    Avoiding Common Pitfalls

    Chapter 2:: Roles and Responsibilities of Quality Assurance Assessors
    Orientation to the Chapter
    Assessment Expertise and Self-Awareness in QA Assessors
    Interpreting Standards
    The Importance of Assessment Expertise Within the Education Provider
    Enhancing the Self-Evaluation of the Education Provider
    When Further Evidence is Necessary
    When Required Action is Necessary
    Decision-Making in Quality Assurance
    The Importance of Feedback and How to Deliver Feedback
    Who Learns the Most from Participation in QA Processes?
    Avoiding Common Pitfalls

    Chapter 3:: Quality Assurance of Written Assessment
    Orientation to the Chapter
    Introduction—Purpose of Assessment
    Format of the Assessment
    Quality Aspects in the Item Writing Process
    The Dos and Do Nots of Item Writing
    Pathways of Items in the Quality Assurance Process
    Item Analyses

    Chapter 4:: Quality Assurance of Objective Structured Clinical Examinations
    Orientation to the Chapter
    Quality Assurance Using the Kane Validity Framework
    Other Quality Assurance Mechanisms and Issues
    Appendix 4-1:: Validity Framework:: Workbook for an OSCE
    Appendix 4-2:: OSCE Quality Improvement Report
    4-3:: External Reviewer, Examiner Report for OSCE

    Chapter 5:: Quality Assurance of Workplace Based Assessment
    Orientation to the Chapter
    Culture Change
    WBA Implementation
    Communication and WBAs
    Avoiding Common Pitfalls
    Monitoring and Evaluation

    Chapter 6:: Quality Assurance in Programmatic Assessment
    Orientation to the Chapter
    Introduction—Principles of Programmatic Assessment
    Case 6-1—Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine (CCLCM)
    Case 6-2—Maastricht University Physician Clinical Investigator
    Program (PCI)
    Case 6-3—Utrecht University Veterinary Medicine (FVMU)
    Implications for Quality Assurance

    Chapter 7:: The Role of Technology in the Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes
    Orientation to the Chapter
    Introduction—The Increasing Role of Technology in Medicine
    and Medical Education
    How Technology is Impacting Foundational Tasks in Assessment
    How Technology is Impacting Operations
    Technology in Assessment—Prognostications and Confabulations

    Chapter 8:: Assuring Equivalence of Assessments across Settings
    Orientation to the Chapter
    Introduction—Why Might We Want Equivalence?
    Understanding Equivalence
    Contributors to Learner Assessment Results
    Avoiding Pitfalls to Achieve Equivalence
    Ways to Measure or Evaluate Equivalence

    Chapter 9:: Quality Assurance of an Assessment Program
    Orientation to the Chapter
    Assessment Programs Quality in Practice
    Case 9-1:: Assurance by Assessment Policy Plan
    Case 9-2:: Assurance by Using an Tool:: E-Quality
    Continuum of Theoretical Perspectives on Assessment Quality

    Chapter 10:: Quality Assurance of Assessment During Major Disruptions
    Orientation to the Chapter
    Introduction—Getting Back to “Normal” Business
    Maintaining Enhanced Hygiene Practices
    Maintaining Social Distancing Practices
    Continued Travel Restrictions
    Impact on Clinical Learning and Assessment
    What About the Next Time?
    Impact on Quality Assurance Processes



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