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NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training

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Human Kinetics Wydawnictwo

2021, wyd.3

  • Oprawa: twarda, 760 str.,
  • Waga: 0 kg.
  • ISBN: 9781492596721
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Developed by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training, Third Edition With HKPropel Access, is the definitive reference for personal training professionals and students. This comprehensive guide to personal training, with contributions from leaders in the field, provides the most accurate and reliable information and guidance for current and aspiring professionals.

Updated to reflect the latest research, with clear explanations of supporting scientific evidence, this edition will give readers the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) needed by modern personal training professionals. New content addresses the latest objectives found on the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT) exam, maintaining this text’s position as the single best resource for those preparing for the NSCA-CPT exam.

NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training, Third Edition, provides guidelines for the complex process of designing safe, effective, and goal-specific resistance, aerobic, plyometric, and speed training programs for clients of all ages and fitness levels. With comprehensive coverage of various categories of unique client needs, readers will learn how to make specific modifications and adjust exercise programs for each individual client. Multiple fitness testing protocols and norms for each component of fitness—including 10 new tests—are all presented, along with instructions that are detailed yet easy to follow.

Over 200 full-color photos and accompanying instructions clearly describe and visually show proper technique for exercises and drills, including stretching, plyometrics, and stability ball exercises. There are new sections on suspension training, manual resistance training, and common types of resistance training equipment. Plus, 27 online videos, delivered through HKPropel, demonstrate exercise technique in action, preparing readers to instruct clients through safe exercise performance. Students will also be able to complete chapter quizzes assigned by instructors through HKPropel.

Study questions at the end of each chapter, written in the same style and format as those found on the NSCA-CPT exam, facilitate learning of chapter content and fully prepare candidates for exam day. Practicing professionals and aspiring professionals alike will benefit from a new appendix of advice on building a successful career as a personal trainer.

NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training, Third Edition, remains the most comprehensive resource available for personal training preparation and professional development. Unmatched in scope, this essential text continues to be a definitive reference for current and future personal trainers, exercise instructors, fitness facility and wellness center managers, and other fitness professionals.

Note:: A code for accessing HKPropel is included with all new print books.
  • Chapter 1. Structure and Function of the Muscular, Nervous, and Skeletal Systems
    Jared W. Coburn, PhD, and Moh H. Malek, PhD

    Chapter 2. Structure and Function of the Cardiorespiratory System
    Michael R. Esco, PhD, and Moh H. Malek, PhD

    Chapter 3. Bioenergetics
    Carmine Grieco, PhD, and N. Travis Triplett, PhD

    Chapter 4. Biomechanics
    Douglas W. Powell, PhD, and Megan A. Bryanton Jones, PhD

    Chapter 5. Responses and Adaptations to Resistance Training
    Michael D. Roberts, PhD, and Kevin W. McCurdy, PhD

    Chapter 6. Responses and Adaptations to Aerobic Endurance Training
    Don Melrose, PhD, and David J. Heikkinen, PhD

    Chapter 7. Nutrition Concepts and Strategies
    Eric R. Helms, PhD, and Brian St. Pierre, MS, RD

    Chapter 8. Exercise Psychology, Goal Setting, and Motivation
    E. Whitney G. Moore, PhD, and Brian T. Gearity, PhD

    Chapter 9. Client Consultation and Health Appraisal
    Robert Linkul, MS, and Chat Williams, MS

    Chapter 10. Fitness Evaluation, Selection, and Administration
    Robert Lockie, PhD, and Laura Kobar, MS, MC

    Chapter 11. Fitness Evaluation Protocols and Norms
    David H. Fukuda, PhD, and Kristina L. Kendall, PhD

    Chapter 12. Flexibility and Warm-Up Concepts and Bodyweight and Stability Ball Exercise Technique
    Nick Tumminello, Jonathan Mike, PhD, and Jay Dawes, PhD

    Chapter 13. Resistance Exercise Technique
    Ronald L. Snarr, PhD, and Alexis Batrakoulis, MS

    Chapter 14. Cardiovascular Exercise Technique
    Benjamin H. Reuter, PhD, and Margaret T. Jones, PhD

    Chapter 15. Resistance Training Program Design
    Brad J. Schoenfeld, PhD, and Ronald L. Snarr, PhD

    Chapter 16. Aerobic Training Program Design
    Mike Martino, PhD, and Nicole C. Dabbs, PhD

    Chapter 17. Plyometric and Speed Training Program Design and Technique
    Jason C. Casey, PhD, and Chris A. Bailey, PhD

    Chapter 18. Clients Who Are Preadolescent, Older, or Pregnant
    Wayne L. Westcott, PhD, and Avery D. Faigenbaum, EdD

    Chapter 19. Clients With Nutritional or Metabolic Concerns
    Abbie Smith-Ryan, PhD, and Cassandra Forsythe, PhD, RD

    Chapter 20. Clients With Cardiovascular or Respiratory Conditions
    Cindy M. Kugler, MS, Steven M. Laslovich, PhD, and Paul Sorace, MS

    Chapter 21. Clients With Orthopedic, Injury, or Rehabilitation Concerns
    Morey J. Kolber, PhD, PT, Dean Robert Somerset, BSc, and Michael G. Miller, PhD, ATC

    Chapter 22. Clients With Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, or Cerebral Palsy
    Gavin Colquitt, EdD, and Kelli M. Clark, DPT

    Chapter 23. Resistance Training for Clients Who Are Athletes
    Joseph J. Bonyai, MEd, and Tyler D. Williams, PhD

    Chapter 24. Facility and Equipment Layout and Maintenance
    Jamie L. Aslin, MS, and Chat Williams, MS

    Chapter 25. Professional, Legal, and Ethical Responsibilities of Personal Trainers
    Anthony A. Abbott, EdD, and Georgia H. Goslee, JD

    Appendix:: The Business of Personal Training
    Mark A. Nutting, BS and Robert Linkul, MS
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