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Clinical Protocols in Perinatology

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  • Oprawa: miękka foliowana, 416 str.,
  • Wymiary: 216.00 x 279.00 mm,
  • Waga: 0 kg.
  • ISBN: 9789354653391
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This textbook is a comprehensive guide to perinatology for trainees in obstetrics, trainees in paediatrics, and neonatal nurses.

Divided into seven sections, the book covers foetal wellbeing, foetal disorders, maternal illness and effects on the foetus, obstetric conditions and effects on the foetus or newborn, congenital infections, and delivery room management. The final section discusses foetal death and still birth, and placental examination.

Each section is further divided into various chapters covering different topics relevant to that section.

Each chapter is presented in a structured manner, with objectives clearly outlined, a concluding summary, and extensive references.

Topics are covered from a multidisciplinary approach, drawing on expertise from both obstetricians and neonatologists.  

The book includes online access to video lectures, notes and self assessment.

  • Section A:: Fetal Wellbeing

    1. Prenatal screening and diagnosis
    2. Assessment of fetal wellbeing
    3. Intrapartum fetal monitoring
    4. Fetal therapies


    Section B:: Fetal Disorders

    1. General approach to antenatally detected congenital malformations
    2. CNS malformation
    3. Congenital thoracic malformations
    4. Congenital cardiovascular malformations
    5. Genitourinary malformations
    6. Musculoskeletal disorders
    7. GIT disorders
    8. Fetal growth restriction
    9. Hydrops fetalis
    10. Antenatal counselling or materno-fetal counselling


    Section C:: Maternal Medical Illness and Fetal Effects

    1. Endocrine disorders
    2. Hematological disorders - Part A - Anemia
    3. Hematological disorders - Part B - Thrombocytopenia
    4. Auto-immune disorders
    5. Teratogenic exposure
    6. Maternal medications and substance abuse
    7. Systemic medical illness


    Section D:: Obstetric Conditions and Fetal/Neonatal Effects

    1. Preterm labor and preterm premature rupture of membranes
    2. Antenatal steroids
    3. Prenatal neuroprotective strategies
    4. Antepartum hemorrhage
    5. Gestosis of pregnancy
    6. Oligohydramnios/polyhydramnios
    7. Multiple pregnancy
    8. Bad obstetric history
    9. Chorioamnionitis


    Section E:: Congenital Infections

    1. Approach to a neonate with suspected congenital infection
    2. Toxoplasma
    3. Rubella
    4. CMV
    5. Herpes simplex
    6. Syphilis
    7. Other viral:: Chickenpox, Zika, Chikungunia, Dengue, H1N1
    8. Tuberculosis
    9. HIV
    10. Viral hepatitis
    11. SARS CoV-2


    Section F:: Delivery Room Management

    1. Neonatal resuscitation
    2. Umbilical cord management
    3. Perinatal asphyxia (identification and early management)
    4. Care at birth
    5. Postnatal care and discharge planning
    6. Management of neonates with surgical conditions
    7. Birth trauma
    8. Medico-legal issues at birth (periviable deliveries, withdrawal of resuscitation ,neonatal palliative care


    Section G:: Miscellaneous

    1. Fetal death or still birth (investigations, counselling)/autopsy
    2. Placental examination
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Beverley Robin, Lamia M. Soghier ...
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